Tim Stodz has published a new podcast episode ‘How to Video to Grow Your Brand’ featuring Vincenzo Landino.

He says, “Vincenzo is the founder of Aftermarq, which is a digital agency that specialized in creating video content.

In our conversation, Vincenzo and I talked about the evolution of video over the last ten years, and why video has been such an effective marketing channel for his clients.

But Vincenzo is more than just a guru. He has two of his own YouTube channels in which he shares his own ideas and is creating growing companies on his own right.

His personal YouTube channel is a space where he dives in to new tech product releases and shares personal insights on entrepreneurship, relationships and life.

If that weren’t enough, he writes The Dilusso Daily, which is a daily newsletter for the confident and considerate man”.

Vincenzo Landino: How to Video to Grow Your Brand

The Tim Stodz Podcast

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