The intent data shows which leads or accounts are actively performing an online search. With appropriate use of intent data, you can boost conversions and sales.

ClickZ contributor Kirsten Markson has shared the three most destructive mistakes marketers make with intent data.

He says, “Growing usage of intent data is proof that marketers are excited about its promise: to illuminate who is actively in the market for a solution, and the topics in which they are likely interested. But the downside is that, if not used correctly, intent data will fail to deliver results.

To help you avoid pitfalls and make the most of intent data, here are three common mistakes that you can avoid with upfront planning.

1) Marketers see intent data as a silver bullet

Intent data is not magical. Its potential is exciting, but it won’t fill in all of your marketing gaps. Many marketers see the possibilities that intent data brings, and assume that the technology will do their work for them. But as with any other marketing tech innovation, we know that they don’t work unless we do”.

The 3 most destructive mistakes marketers make with intent data


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