Search Engine Watch’s Houston Barnett-Gearhart has published an article highlighting top four SEO myths.

He says, “While the number of SEO myths out there are innumerable, I will nail down the four that I come across most often.

SEO myth #1: SEO and SEM can be approached in the same way

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Although there are many useful concepts that can be taken from SEM and applied to SEO, looking at each channel as the same is a mistake. To start, consider this: a powerful concept in the management of Google Ads is to optimize your use of negative keywords — keywords that you do not want to show up for.

Because of how immediately transactional and visible SEM is — you set a budget, create an ad, and press go — it is common for people to carry that mindset over to SEO. Rather than thinking of what keywords are viable, those coming in with an SEM “bias” can bring a perspective that’s largely focused on what isn’t viable. This is accompanied by the belief that as long as you continue to build out what doesn’t work, what does work will rise to the top”.

Top four SEO myths debunked: Director’s cut

Search Engine Watch

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