Lead generation refers to the process of getting more and more visitors to your website with the objective of converting your leads into customers.

MOZ contributor Ann Smarty has published an article to help you improve link building with the help of lead generation effots.

She says, “In link building we need links, just like in marketing we want sales. But focusing on the final goal is just as limiting in link building as it is in marketing.

Very few link builders these days do anything beyond sending an email, then using automated follow-ups. There’s no “lead generation” in link building. It’s either “link or no link” reporting.

And that’s where that process is broken.

In link building, all those bloggers, publishers, editors, etc. may also need several touchpoints (from something beyond an email). Furthermore, they may not be proper decision makers within the publication you are targeting”.

How Lead Generation Tactics Can Boost Your Link Building Results


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