Right now, millions of people are stuck at home and they’re shopping online more than ever. Consider these stats:

➤ E-commerce grew by nearly 20% in 2020 (according to research by IBM)
➤ 36% of people now shop online weekly (that’s 28% more than 2019 (according to Selligent))
➤ 62% of U.S. shoppers say they shop more online now than they did in 2019 (according to Bazaarvoice)

It’s clear that there is a boom in online commerce (“e-commerce”).

If ever there was a time when an individual can start an e-commerce business, this is that time.

Empire e-commerce softwareNew software, called Empire, has just been released that makes building an online store easier than ever, a store that takes advantage of what is selling on major e-commerce platforms (Amazon and eBay, for example). You don’t need to buy and stock products yourself.

You don’t need to buy and stock products for your store. Your store lets people buy Amazon and eBay products that other people stock. You get a commission for referring buyers to them.

Using new Adaptive Display technology, your store shows people what they have expressed an interest in buying. Whenever they click on your link and buy, you earn a commission.

This breakthrough adaptive display technology means your store will only display products that your visitors are interested in. That means, of course, that they are more likely to click on your link.

Because of the ability to adapt the store to the incoming visitor’s interests, you can have a wide variety of products in the store without confusing or distracting a visitor. Things from other niches are hidden from them.

Your store can have everything from Alexa to zithers; one store can do it all. You won’t need new domain names for stores, new hosting for each store (in fact, you don’t need to buy any hosting because hosting is included with Empire.) Finally, you don’t have to spend days setting up a new store each time.

Everything, even traffic and hosting, is built into Empire and included with your small initial investment so there are no additional costs.

If you’re ready to profit from the massive online e-commerce boom, get your copy here: Empire.

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