Search Engine Journal contributor Susan Wenograd has highlighted 10 common mistakes in Google ads.

She says, “In no particular order, here are the top 10 most common mistakes found repeatedly in Google Ad accounts.

1. Outdated Conversions

Once upon a time, you would place a Google Ads conversion tag on the conversion page, and that was that. It fed in pixel fires from that page.

Such a simplistic measurement also meant a lot less room for error.

Nowadays, advertisers use conversion tags on any number of pages, import conversions from CRMs like Salesforce, use call tracking, and import conversion events from Google Analytics.

This additional view of the conversion journey is invaluable, but it also means there can be a lot of noise. It’s harder to realize when conversions are double-counted, or if old ones are still populating”.

10 Common Mistakes In Google Ads

Search Engine Journal

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