Email is one of the most trusted marketing tools. Among the rise of fall of several online tools and platforms, email has been a constant support to businesses in terms of marketing and communication.

Social Media Examiner’s Dana Malstaff has published an article highlighting some useful techniques to convert more prospects into customers using an email sequence.

She says, “Now let’s look at the six emails you need to include in your email sequence to build loyalty, generate engagement, and make sales.

#1: Permission Emails

The first email in the sequence is your permission email, which helps show your audience that they belong. This is important because they get a lot of emails from many different people. When they get an email from you, you want them to feel like they’re hearing from a friend, somebody who really gets them.

What does a permission email look like? One example my company uses is that sometimes your life is in chaos and you’re barely keeping it together. The permission we’re giving people is not to be perfect, maybe to cry in the bathroom because your kids won’t put their shoes on, but then hop on a client call 2 hours later and be razor-sharp”.

How to Use an Email Sequence to Turn Prospects Into Customers

Social Media Examiner

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