A strong content marketing strategy can help you to reach your publishing goals and achieve the desired results.

Content Marketing Insitute’s Ann Gynn has shared a seven-step plan to help you create your content marketing strategy.

She says, “Frankly, you already have a personal brand. From the moment you engage with people, they form perceptions that create your brand. But if you craft a personal content marketing strategy for your brand, you’ll set yourself on a better path to achieving your goals.

Here’s how to take the seven steps to create your personal content marketing strategy.

1. Craft a brand mission statement

All good content marketing strategies start with understanding what the organization is about and what it wants to achieve. Thus, the first step in your personal content marketing strategy is to create a personal brand mission statement.

“The mission statement aims to create an emotional connection with your audience. It describes the brand’s purpose and why it exists,” writes Social Sprout’s Sarah Aboulhosn”.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Personal Brand

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