Getting quality website traffic is a concern for most businesses out there. By creating an appealing and user-friendly website and adopting the right SEO strategy, you can continue to thrive your business online.

Tanya Mimi has shared some useful tips to help you get consistent traffic to your website.

She says, “You should stop using short-term tricks to drive long term growth!

Yes, you can get lucky spikes in traffic every now and then by following short-term advice (like promoting on social media, etc), but you won’t get any real traction with your blog.


Because once you stop promoting your content, your traffic will die. That’s not how growth works!

You want to get traffic to your website while you sleep 24/7, not only when you promote your content.

I call SEO traffic passive traffic that you get without having to actively promote your content all the time”.

How to Get Consistent Traffic to Your Website [That Compounds Over Time!]

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