To achieve marketing success in 2021 you need to be using all the tools that offer you an extended reach. Email remains one of the best performing marketing technology.

Uplers has shared an infographic highlighting email design trends for 2021.

The Uplers team says, “A lot has happened and unexpectedly changed over the past year. No wonder brands have been playing it safe with tried and tested email designs. Will the trend change in 2021 or will brands continue to make the most of the old favorites like minimalism, pastels and static images?

We think it will be a superb medley. While simple design elements will rule the email roost with a twist, of course, emotional designs or designs that have a calming effect will gain greater importance.

And of course, creative minds will never cease to surprise us with a pinch of newness in email design every year. So, wait for it!

Here are some promising trends we foresee for 2021”.

11 Email Design Trends for 2021


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