If you offer services, whether online or not, to businesses or to the public in general, how you present your services (i.e., “package” them) and how you price your services are important to your business success.

When you package things the wrong way, you’ll struggle with keeping clients happy (even if you’re brilliant at what you do), and you’ll wonder if your business is worth the effort it takes to keep customers happy.

Similarly, if you price your services too high, you will lose a lot of sales; price them too low, and you’ll lose a lot of potential income.

Through January 13, Content Sparks is offering you, at no charge, a planner (Packaging & Pricing Planner) that gives you guidelines on how to offer your services so people will find them attractive and how to price them so you don’t leave money on the table.

It helps you think through the best way to sell your services to attract the right clients and price these services so that the rights clients will see the value you are offering them and be happy with the results they achieve.

This offer from Content Sparks goes beyond giving you this valuable information. It also includes a product you can sell. You can re-brand this Packaging & Pricing Planner with your name and logo and change the title. Then sell it or give it away to potential clients.

This planner is delivered to you in PowerPoint format, making it easy for you to re-brand (they have included instructions for you), save it as a PDF, and then share it with your audience.

Content Sparks has even included a Canva mock-up graphic to help you promote your courses with an ad that you insert at the end of the planner.

Get it here: Packaging & Pricing Planner.

They have done all the hard work so you don’t have to. You can take advantage of their investment of time and cost to create this planner.

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