SEMrush contributor Brandon Howell has published an article on A/B Split Testing for SEO.

He says, “If you’ve been in the SEO game long enough (and especially in an agency/client scenario), you’re familiar with the game of “poke the bear” that we all regularly play with search engines: make a change to the site, wait for the search engines to pick up the change, then monitor for positive, neutral or negative effects. If you’re lucky, you have years of experience or good tutelage, and you know that the bear really likes for you to scratch behind its left ear. Or you make site changes with wild abandon only to find that poking the bear in the eye is a guaranteed trip to the ER, and you’ll be lucky if your rankings ever recover.

But the reality of many SEOs’ experiences is somewhere in between. Once we’ve done baseline best practice optimizations, we then move into the realm of hypothesis: trying to divine what will work for our sites and niches based on our prior experience, SERP analysis, competitive analysis, and the fragments of a million SEO blog posts that are floating around in the back of our brains”.

A/B Split Testing for SEO – Now is the Time

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