Every business needs leads, people who are looking for the products and services they offer. The COVID-19 pandemic makes this need even greater, as businesses are shutting down for lack of customers.

Today, Victory Akpos releases new software, LSA Agency, to make is possible for you to gather leads that local businesses are hungry for. Your marketing consulting business may grow as more and more businesses come to you fr leads.

These leads are not just any leads; not the kind you get by copying from a phonebook or Chamber of Commerce directory. No, you can offer “ready to buy” leads that include the best leads available: fresh, phone-in leads, people who are actively looking for a product or service to fill a specific need.

Here’s how this new software will help you consult with local businesses. With it, you can:
IDENTIFY interested local business clients for your services
FIND Targeted Leads from over 300 Million businesses and professionals that need more customers
CONTACT & CLOSE Clients quickly with the built-in Email system with proven swipes to send prospects and clients
BUILD High-Converting Landing Pages for your clients from the built-In library of 92 Video Lead Page Templates
GENERATE Hot Buyer Traffic for your clients
SUPPLY Phone Call Leads for Top Dollar

When you invest in LSA Agency today, you receive commercial rights to sell:
★ Ads,
★ Pages, and even
★ Entire lead generation campaigns
as a service to clients.

This system has been carefully thought out. For example, the pages it creates are Mobile-Optimized and Google-Compliant.

This lead generation service requires almost no start-up capital and no prior skills. LSA Agency gives you everything you need to build your own site and lead generation sites for your clients including training.

This product launch only lasts 7 days. After that, the launch pricing expires. If consulting with local businesses to provide them is a business service you would liek to provide, get your copy here: LSA Agency.

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