A YouTube of Facebook live video strategy can help you to reach your audience in real-time and promote your products and services. It also enables you to stay in close touch with them.

Social Media Examiner’s Luria Petrucci has shared an article highlighting three useful ways to create a live video strategy for Facebook and YouTube.

She says, “Live video can help you grow your audience, business, and revenue. But just because the social media algorithms love live video and prioritize it, live streaming isn’t a magic pill. You need to develop a live video content strategy that’s unique to you to get results.

Here’s the secret: Intention. It’s truly as simple as that. Instead of just going live, you need to know the intention behind the live content you’re creating. In other words, ask yourself, “What’s my goal for this particular live stream?”

You need to be clear on two things:

  • The goal while you’re live
  • The goal for the replay itself

Now let’s look at three intentions or goals that you may want to consider for your live video”.

Live Video Strategy: How to Improve Your Facebook and YouTube Results

Social Media Examiner

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