An effective subject line plays a crucial role in getting your emails opened. By using action verbs and persuasive vocabulary, you can ignite the subscribers to open your emails and take the desired action.

AWeber contributor Sean Tinney has published an article highlighting some useful tips to help you wite great email subject lines.

Tinney says, “Writing your email subject line is a lot like choosing a book title: You have to get it right, or people may never open it — no matter how fantastic the content is inside.

In fact, 47% of email recipients admit to opening email based on the subject line alone.

47% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone

One of the most common questions we hear is: “what do I write in the subject line of an email?” Many people wonder how to write perfect email subject lines.

While there’s no single formula to create the best subject lines for email marketing, the following battle-tested guidelines will get you pretty close to perfect. They can help you make your messages even more appealing to your subscribers”.

Your Guide to Writing the World’s Best Email Subject Lines

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