Content marketing continues to grow and helps marketers gain optimum returns on investment. It also enables them to establish authority as a business too.

SEMrush contributor Alina Petrova has published an article highlighting top content marketing trends of 2020.

She says, “How often do you find yourself in a situation where you have to choose the best strategy for further action?

This happens to us from time to time. We sincerely believe that a successful content marketing strategy should be backed by data. Data can support any decision you make and minimize the trial and error method in your strategy.

Having data and a desire to analyze content marketing trends, we at SEMrush conducted research covering the most popular topics, hashtags, and questions, and the most searched keywords in the content marketing industry. We also identified the top content marketing influencers that you can follow and learn best practices from.

We hope this data will help you to:

  • Find out which types of content perform best to use them in your Twitter business account.
  • See the direction in which the content marketing industry is moving and what is now being actively discussed in the content marketing community”.

Top Content Marketing Trends 2020 – SEMrush Study


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