Sue B. Zimmerman has published a new video ‘Increase Your Followers on Instagram Today’ to help you grow your Instagram followers.

She says, “Follower count is not how you measure your success on instagram™ – it’s merely a “vanity metric.” The true measure of success (if your goal is to drive consistent sales) is how connected you are with your audience and how those connections translate into sales. Period.

The name of the game is quality over quantity.

I don’t have a million followers but I do have a million-dollar business. I also have students with a couple thousand followers who make five-figures a month. All of this is to say, social media isn’t a one-way conversation, it’s a two-way relationship and the more relationships you have, the more potential for sales.

With that out of the way, my team and I vetted a piece of software that will help you gain more followers so you can establish more relationships and create more sales opportunities”.

Sue B. Zimmerman’s Blog

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