A well-planned landing page can help you to win more customers and increase your sales online. A combination of good graphics and influential script, can help you to do magic.

IMPACT contributor Steve Polito has shared nine ways to help you create effective landing pages.

Polito says, “Building a truly compelling landing page requires that you follow a particular pattern. Luckily QuickSprout has outlined this pattern, which is grouped into nine easy to follow rules.

1. Use an eye-catching headline

This is most likely the first element a user will see when they land on your landing page, and you’ll want to ensure it clearly describes your product or service while also grabbing attention. Follow similar rules to great blog headlines.

You can also use a subhead or a small paragraph to add additional context. If you’re running a marketing campaign, you’ll also want to ensure that your headline copy and supporting text uses similar language as the copy in your campaign. This helps things consistent and can lead to higher conversions”.

9 keys to building an effective landing page [Infographic]


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