Quality website traffic helps you to achieve your online marketing goals. By attracting more and more people to your website, you can grow your sales.

Copyblogger contributor Sonia Simone has shared some useful tips to help you attract more visitors to your website.

She says, “Unlike search engine optimization, most techniques for social-sharing optimization are evergreen. Because they rely on human engagement, not some other company’s algorithm.

One warning before you start

There’s one important thing to know before you start optimizing for shares — what do you want your content to do?

What action or change are you hoping to inspire? Who are you striving to reach? How do you want people to feel? What should they do next?

If you don’t understand your content goals, you can end up making changes that work against those goals, for the sake of “more eyeballs.” And that’s usually a terrible idea”.

A ‘Big Blog’ Strategy Anyone Can Use for More (and Better) Traffic

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