Back Friday for Online Marketers (Part 3)

Here are several more businesses offering sales for marketers, some ending Black Friday; others beginning then and continuing through next week.


This week, Udemy has reduced the price on many of its courses to $9.99-$14.99. The “retail” price on some of these courses can be $100 or more.

But this week, you can get any training you need for just $9.99 here: Udemy Black Friday Sale.

There are a few we have been wanting, and now’s our chance.


Domestika is a site similar to Udemy, with one difference: Most of its courses are in Spanish. For some of our readers, that will be a big advantage.

There are some English courses, as well. We just signed up for one on Instagram. And all the courses have English subtitles. Some also have subtitles in other languages, too.


The team at Vidnami has opened the doors to their Black Friday Sale. Vidnami is a simple video creation app. In this Black Friday sale, they have reduced the price and have bundled additional software and training with it.

You can use these quick videos, for example, on
➤ Your blog,
➤ Facebook,
➤ YouTube,
➤ LinkedIn,
➤ Instagram,
➤ Twitter (and more).

Click here to check it out: Vidnami Black Friday Sale

Imagine being able to create videos in just a few minutes, publish them on YouTube, and generate over 350,517,723 views.

Well, that’s exactly what Sergio Westphal did using Vidnami.

Sergio owns the ‘Natural Cures’ YouTube channel and has found that Vidnami is the fastest way to generate high-quality videos.

For example, here’s a video that Sergio created with Vidnami Black Friday Sale that describes a natural way to unblock a clogged drain that has now had over 4,726,010 views:

For the next two days, they are offering you a full suite of video marketing apps and resources at a discounted price.

But their special offer is only available until midnight this Friday.

So click here to get in before the sale ends: Vidnami Black Friday Sale

Content Sparks Bonus Bundle

We got a note from Sharyn Sheldon, leader of Content Sparks, reporting that they are offering a large bundle of their marketing training products and aids, this weekend, starting on Black Friday. These are especially useful to people providing online training. Each item could be used on its own or as a free introduction to a marketing topic you teach about. Content Sparks has courses you can sell as an affiliate or use as the basis for training you do.

Conrent Sparks Bonus Bundle.

Throughout the year, Content Sparks offered bonuses to people who bought two or more products in a sale. Now, they have collected most of these 2020 bonuses into one bundle and making them available with no other purchase necessary. Included are:

8 Ready to Go Challenge Kits A “challenge” is a short-term interactive training event. Participants are expected to perform a sequence of exercises that train them in a particular area.

Each kit includes:
Instructions for running your challenge
5 daily challenge emails (use for email and/or livestreams)
5 daily worksheets for your participants
2 promo emails (to promote the related course, either your own version or, as an affiliate, the original Content Sparks course.

Canva Image Templates 50 social media images created as Canva templates that can be used to promote your own products, or as an affiliate, Content Sparks courses. Just make a copy of the template and edit it to make it your own.

Content Inspiration Calendar A list of 365 ideas to inspire your content creation throughout the year.

Website Content Planner
A beautiful 73-page, planner created in PowerPoint and ready to add your own logo and other information to and upload to Amazon KDP as a printable.

Two Mini-Planners for Your Book Publishing Activities 10-page, editable planners in PowerPoint for creating your author bio and book description.

Curriculum Planner A pdf planner for your personal use, to help you work out your revenue-boosting online training series.

Get your bundle here, beginning on Black Friday Conrent Sparks Bonus Bundle.

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