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Online learning (also called e-learning) is growing dramatically and will soon account for $398 Billion in sales. That’s a huge market for you to participate in.

There are, though, what economists call “barriers to entry” that make it hard to get started in this business. There is a lot of software needed to build the infrastructure to run the business, tracking enrollments, payments, course completions, etc.

There is a need for expertise that can be encapsulated in courses. Probably, all of us have dome expertise that can be turned into a course, but hardly any of us have enough expertise to fill a course catalog, consisting of dozens or hundreds of courses.

Eric Holmlund and his team have removed both of these barriers to entering this growing industry with their new software: Courserious.

This is software that builds a “platform” (call it an “academy”) selling access to online learning. In fact, Holmlund lets your build multiple learning academies; for example, in multiple niches.

And to make sure you can open your online course platform immediately, he includes 90 courses in your academy when you install it. You can add others as you go along.

This week, he has made it available at a special launch price. Get all the details here: Courserious.

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