courserious e-learning platform


E-learning has been around for a while, but it has been boosted by the pandemic because people don’t like the idea of getting in a classroom with 20-30 other people; just too dangerous, so people learn from their own space at home or in an office, using online lessons.

There is an opportunity for you to participate in this growing trend by creating an e-learning platform where you offer courses to the general public or, possibly, courses targeted at a smaller niche population, such as courses on decorative crafts, automotive repair, cooking, Yoga, etc. You might develop authority status in multiple niches.

Building a platform that can host courses isn’t an easy task. there are a lot of processes that need to be correctly handled for the platform to succeed, things like:
➤ Registration
➤ Payments and refunds
➤ Student progress tracking
➤ Marketing other courses to current students
➤ etc.

There’s a ready-made platform just released called Courserious that will make your online academy start-up a lot simpler.

With this brand-new software (which includes a collection of 90 courses to jump-start your academy) you can start your own e-Learning business. Fortunately, all the technical innovation is done for you, so you don’t need any tech skills to build and operate your academy.

Courserious allows you to:

✅ Create your own academy sites (one or, if you like, several) in just minutes
✅ Get your site running quickly using the 90+ included courses to start accepting students right away
✅ Build your own marketplace (and your own business) instead of building the profits of other course platforms (such as Udemy). This way, you keep all the profits.
✅ Create courses (and invite other course creators) on any topic. Make your site the authority in your niche.
✅ Manage your courses, students, payments, and more from the integrated dashboard
✅ Create courses quickly, easily, and flexibly, having as many courses and lessons in a course as needed
✅ Build your mailing list of buyers, who can be offered new courses whenever you add them to your academy
✅ And a lot more.

During this launch week, Courserious is available for a single investment, not a monthy subscription fee.

There are too many capabilities that this new platform offers you for us to include them all in this short article. For example, it includes a built-in support/ticket system to provide support to students.

You really need to get all the details. Check it out here: Courserious.

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