Content marketing continues to evolve every year. With new platforms and technologies, we get newer ways to reach our audience and expand. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an altogether new challenge for the companies and marketers in terms of the creation of new strategies to continue reaching the target market.

IMPACT’s Jen Barrell has shared a comprehensive article on what your 2021 content marketing strategy should include.

She says, “Let’s break down your new and improved strategy into four sections.

Think of this as the content manager version of The Home Edit (without the rainbow color-coding). It’s time to look at: adding in everyday staples, deciding what to keep, keeping up with trends, and making space for new items.

Where do you start? Just like on TV, start by pulling everything out of the closet and sorting it out. This means digging up your 2020 content strategy, along with all the changes you made to it along the way, and assessing what worked, what didn’t and what missed the mark.

Then, with your “keep” pile, look for or add these key elements:

Organizational buy-in

You can spend from now until 2020 blissfully comes to an end building a content marketing strategy to end all strategies, but that work means nothing if you don’t have foundational support”.

What should a 2021 content marketing strategy include?


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