Speechdio, just released by Andrew Darius, solves one of modern online marketing’s biggest problems: the high cost of voice actors. They are expensive. The one we have employed charges his regular customers $6 per minute. Casual buyers pay even more.

But now you don’t need to hire expensive voice-over performers because this new text-to-voice software creates natural, realistic voice tracks for all your videos, website, even your answering machine messages, whatever you need.

Speechdio gives you 100 different voices to choose from, in 30 languages. That’s enough to give you world-wide reach for your marketing.

You simply type in your text, and the AI-enabled software creates a realistic voice-over for you. Just download it and use it in any video app.

The AI technology analyzes the phrases in your text to understand the structure of the content. Using this information, it can emphasize words and even take breaths where appropriate. (Of course, it’s not really human, so you may need to do a little tweaking.)

Speechdio can include background music, and, not only that, with an optional upgrade, you can include multiple voices that can talk to one another.

With the included Enterprise License, you can not only create voice-overs for yourself; you can also use them in videos you create for your clients (both local businesses and on online job sites like Fiverr.)

Check out the sample voice-overs on the sales page. You will be impressed (in fact, even voice-over actors are promoting it). Hear it here and start creating your own voice-overs: Speechdio.

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