Quality content is an asset for any organization or marketing team. By creating content that helps and influences people, you can create lifelong relations with your target audience.

Stefanie Flaxman has shared an article highlighting some ways to create subscriber capturing content.

She says, “Immediately after getting an idea for a content project, many writers become preoccupied with the existing competition:

“It will be extremely difficult to stand out.”

If that sounds familiar, I’m hoping you’ll change your mind by the time you finish reading this post.

To start, think of the last time you heard a song you loved, but you didn’t know the name of the singer or band who performed it. You then ask this question …

Who is this?

It could be music that plays during a television show or the closing credits of a movie.

It could make your ears perk up when you’re switching radio stations in your car.

The joy you get from listening becomes a mission:

Find out who performs this song”.

How to Make Your Writing a Subscriber-Magnet


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