If you have been blogging a while and have been sharing good information, you should consider turning your blog content into a product for sale. After all, it’s easier to read a book than to scroll endlessly through a blog, so people will find a compact form of your content attractive.

Content Sparks is offering a training program, called From Blog to Book to Course, that lets you take a step-by-step “repurposing” journey from blog to book. Not only that, but the training also includes the process for turning a book (either the one you just created or one you already have) into an online marketable course.

This training is perfect for people who:
► Have a blog with great content on it and want to get more eyes on that content
► Want to get the visibility, credibility, and leads that come from being a published author`
► Have a book and want to increase their revenue by repurposing it to an online course
► Want to help more people get results from their book by creating an actionable online course

In addition to the main training, there are some optional add-ons you may want to consider, including:
► An Expansion Pack (including additional tips, resource lists, and worksheets)
Promote & Market Your Business Book course at 50% off
Launch & Market Your Online Course course, also 50% off

There’s one more important fact about this newly released training. You can use any of the content to create a marketable training program of your own. So, use it yourself and use it as a product by selling your customized version to other marketers. Two ways to profit.

It’s only on sale through October 28, so don’t delay. Here’s where to get your copy: From Blog to Book to Course.

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