Business2Community contributor Brad Smith has highlights 17 best display ads of 2020.

He says, “Display ads are quite the worthwhile investment for a business. They yield widespread and targeted exposure across the web; they help consumers get familiar with and more easily recognize your brand, and retargeting with display ads have a high ROI.

1. Apple TV uses simplicity to grab your attention

You may not need a lot of text or compelling ad copy to grab someone’s attention with a display ad. In fact, it’s often much better to keep things simple, like with this Apple display ad example below.

best display ads of 2020- Apple rewind rewatch example.png

An example of an effective Apple display ad

Just look at this leaderboard ad for the Apple TV gift card. They highlight the colorful cards themselves and use four words of copy in total”.

The 17 Best Display Ads of 2020 (And Why They Work)

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