Marisa Murgatroyd is among many who have found that courses that only deliver facts and “how to” information are falling behind. Other courses, that get the student involved in acting on the information (and even more important, get the students emotionally involved in the course), presented get better returns on your investment.

She recently ran an experiment with one of her “underperforming” online courses that had some surprising results:
✔️ The conversion rate of her webinar jumped from 11% to 21%
✔️ Sales increased by 33%
✔️ Student engagement and satisfaction hit an unbelievable 76%
✔️ As a result, just 108 students brought in $138,000 in total sales in under 2 months

Today and tommorrow, Murgatroyd is holding two livestream webinars to show how it is done: Experience Product Masterclass Introduction

Get ready to meet 6 of her most successful students. They are just regular folks who were able to do some astonishing things. You’ll see:
➤ How they came up with their “big idea” — and what they did at each step of the way to make success inevitable
➤ Exactly how they used the “Experience Formula” to create their online course quickly, attracting hundreds of students & sales
➤ How they sprinkled “Dopamine Buttons” throughout their content to trigger their students’ reward center‐increasing student engagement by 10-30X, turning them into raving fans
➤ The specific methods each person used to go from zero to a lucrative course or product in just 12 weeks (Some started making sales within 2 weeks.)
➤ Dozens of easy, practical ways to apply “Experience Escalation” to your information, coaching, consulting, or even services, and allowing you to build the kind of business you want, on your terms

Plus she will be giving away $10,156 in valuable prizes; there’s a chance to win every hour.

This can make your courses more attractive for you students and keep them coing back for more. Register for this free training here: Experience Product Masterclass

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