Email marketing plays an important role in the growth of your business. It has been one of the most trusted marketing tactics.

Marketing Land contributor Rodric Bradford has shared 10 ways to help you improve your email marketing campaigns.

Bradford says, “With COVID-19 grinding in-person marketing to a stop, marketers are putting even more pressure on the original “king”: email. But with the renewed focus comes the responsibility to make sure you are executing with best practices in mind.

“Email marketing should address how you can make [the recipient’s] life better today, even if it is in a small way,” Dave Charest, director of content marketing at Constant Contact. “You can demonstrate urgency by positioning your products and services in a way that addresses new and changing customer needs, not by pushing discounts and products down their throat. Email marketing is all about sharing the information [the recipient] needs in the way they prefer it, which includes tone, length and time of day.”

Charest shared exclusively with MarTech Today his top 10 tips to create effective email marketing campaigns during the age of COVID:

Use a mobile-responsive template

“2020 has taught us that both small and large businesses need to communicate with their customers in different ways and more often than they have in the past,” said Charest. “The most efficient way to optimize content for mobile content is using a mobile-responsive template.”

This template ensures content can be simply viewed across device platforms, with over half of emails being now opened on a mobile device”.

10 tactics to improve your email marketing campaigns

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