Whenever you create a video, whether for marketing or for entertainment, a background music soundtrack is an important feature. It adds interest and professionalism to your production.

Even a dull and boring video can be improved with magnetic, energizing background music. That’s why Brad Stephens invented Infinitunes.

Have you ever spent hours looking for the perfect background music track for your videos?

If you are looking for love music tracks in all the wrong places, you may find that
• YouTube removes your video
• You get a cease and desist order from the copyright owner
• You could even get sued.

With Infinitunes:
➤ You can automatically create unique, premium-sounding, and copyright-free music for any of your videos projects.
➤ You can be assured that licensing rights won’t ever be an issue.
➤ You can create as many music tracks as you want, all different.

Infinitunes solves all the typical music track problems with the click of a button.

It creates premium-sounding audio tracks for videos instantly, based on customization options such as genre, activity, and mood.

The important thing that makes this new SaaS software different from what has come before it is that it isn’t an audio library of curated royalty-free tracks. Each track is created on the spot and so is unique. You can specify custom attributes to match your video requirements.

It works like this:

  1. Generate Audio: Just point-and-select your music genre, activity, and mood to perfectly match your video. Customize your music track the way you like.
  2. Click Play: Select your track duration and click play. Infinitunes instantly creates a 100% unique, copyright-free audio track based on your selections. Every time you click ‘Play’ a new track will be instantly available for preview. Just save the one you like.
  3. Click “Add to Video” and your premium audio track will be inserted in the built-in video editor’s workspace.
  4. Insert any YouTube URL into the editor or upload a video file into the editor workspace.
  5. Perfectly match your premium audio to your video using features such as separate volume controls for the video voice-over and the music audio, when the music should start to play, looping audio, and more.
  6. Click Create. Your video is ready with the new music built-in and is available for download and ready for use (or sell to clients, because you are getting commercial rights to any video you create).

Use it on social media, television, your website, or anywhere else. Your copyright concerns are gone. You have unlimited rights.

It’s simple, quick, and worry-free. And the results will delight you.

Get your own access here: Infinitunes.

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