Featured Snippets give you that special position where you stand a chance to grab the searchers’ attention.

iPullRank contributor Nathan Turner has shared some useful ways to create content that enables you to make it to appear in Google’s featured snippets.

Turner says, “As we noted back in January, Featured Snippets went through some pretty major changes earlier this year. Featured Snippets are no longer that coveted “0” position and now occupy the number 1 position. Also, this update made it so you cannot have the same URL rank in a Featured Snippet and in the first page’s Organic results.

Of course, this hasn’t made Featured Snippets any less valuable, but it does require SEOs to make a dramatic shift in their strategies.

Which Pages Should You Focus on? 

Since you can no longer have the same URL rank on the 1st page of Organic Search results and have a Featured Snippet, the biggest change SEOs have to make in order to win Featured Snippets for their pages is to prioritize certain pages over others”.

How To Write Content To Win Featured Snippets


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