Engagement is the ultimate goal of a content marketing plan. With interesting and useful content, you can continue to grow your following.

SEMrush contributor Amanda Milligan has shared 24 ways to help you come up with engaging content.

She says, “This guide provides a slew of tools and tricks to help you come up with great content ideas. It’s not just about producing more content but about producing better content that your target audience will want to respond to. Some of these tips are more technically focused while others are more spiritual — they’re all about helping you find your content muse. With this mix of actionable tips and inspirational activities, you can increase your content quantity and quality. Read on to learn how to make these content ideas work for your brand.

1. Look for Ways to Deliver Value

One of the primary reasons people go online is to get information. They could be looking up something more complex, like financial advice, or something as basic as how to unclog a toilet. The YouTube channel “Dad, How Do I?” has 2.6 million subscribers and is a great example of one person offering valuable and actionable content that people genuinely need, utilize, and appreciate. Think about what information your users will find useful and let that steer your thinking”.

24 Ways to Come Up With Engaging Content Ideas that Captivate Consumers

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