In the last 9 months, the fame, popularity, and business success of Zoom have soared. As a result, its stock has more than tripled in price.

As you probably know, Zoom hosts online meetings, and many businesses, organizations, and individuals have adopted its technology to allow them to continue operation during the COVID-19 lock-downs.

After seeing the success of Zoom, others have developed competing platforms for online meetings and webinars.

Today, a new electronic meeting platform is being released: ProfitMeet. It is shaping up to be a worthy competitor to Zoom, perhaps even superior.

This new platform is a robust solution for any electronic event, such as webinars, conferences, and classes.

For the moderator of the meeting, it provides a simple but powerful dashboard for managing the gathering, easier than for Zoom, Skype, or Go-to-Webinar.

You can create Instant Meetings with one click. And you can also schedule meetings in advance, of course.

Look at the power of ProfitMeet.
► You aren’t limited in what you can do. You can create unlimited Video Conferences, Live Classes, Webinars.
► All of your events can have unlimited attendees.
► Record Your Sessions for future replays.
► During your meeting, you can share your screen as well as your camera
► The system is supported by fast servers that allow high-definition pictures with no lag time.
► During the product launch, they are offering the service for a one-time one-time investment, without any monthly fees.
► It is equipped with a built-in autoresponder to reach out to your attendees and customers.
► It includes social sharing capabilities so your attendees can help your meetings go viral.

You are getting Full Commercial Rights so you can offer these services to your clients.

If you need any kind of meetings for your business, your club, your extended family, or your organization, check out this new solution here: ProfitMeet.

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