Google offline conversion tracking allows businesses to import conversions that are tracked in any other system into Google Ads It enables the advertisers to understand the quality of their leads according to the volume of sales generated.

PPC Hero contributor Margaret Hoffman has shared four ways to help you optimize offline conversion tracking.

She says, “Offline conversion tracking is a dream for B2B advertisers. It lets you take a whole chunk of data your automated bidding strategies were previously missing out on and optimize toward it. But if you’ve set up offline conversion tracking, and you’re not quite sure what to do next, here are some tips on how to optimize for the best lead quality.

1. Assign Value to Your Conversion Actions

Think about the lifetime value of your customer and the steps along your customer journey. You can assign value to each step along the customer journey to make sure your campaigns are optimized to the right conversion actions.

First, you’ll determine the lifetime value of a customer. In determining the lifetime value of a customer, you want to consider the number of users who converted from PPC clicks”.

How To Optimize Offline Conversion Tracking

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