Blogging remains one of the most popular tools for marketing online. You can continue to create a network of readers and followers by regularly blogging on the topics of their interests.

Orbit Media Studios’ Andy Crestodina has shared new statistics on how blogging works for some and how you can make it work for you.

He says, “There are 31 million bloggers online (source) with a wide range of goals: fame and fortune, reach and revenue, links and leads. Considering the diversity of blogging objectives, we do not ask bloggers to report on specific results.

1 in 10 bloggers do things differently…and get better results

For each question in the survey, we’ve correlated the answers with the results question, using that 25% number as our benchmark. Almost invariably, there is a small percentage of bloggers who do things differently, who do more and are far more likely to report success.

Around one in ten bloggers do the following:

  • Write 2000+ word posts
  • Add 7+ visuals per post
  • Write 7+ draft headlines per post
  • Work with multiple editors
  • Collaborate with influencers for most articles”.

New blogging statistics: Blogging still works, especially for the 10% of bloggers who do things very differently…

Orbit Media Studios

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