Shuffler, just released by Bryan Winters, creates flexible marketing funnels. Winters has collected many high-commission Clickbank offers for you to create a funnel that’s perfect for your business.

Winters reports that there are so many choices for what you put into your funnel (in math class we called them combinations and permutations) that you could create 52 Billion viral funnels and no two of them be the same.

The net effect of that is that the funnel you create is unique to you.

Winters hosts the funnels for you. That will be a nice saving on hosting.

With Shuffler, building a funnel is a simple one-click process. The Clickbank products that go into your funnel offer you an affiliate commission of at least $10, with some as much as $500.

The products in the basic version of Shuffler are in the internet marketing niche. There’s an optional upgrade that builds funnels in other niches, too.

Winters says the technology that assures the variety in the funnels is the first of its kind and is ready to be patented.

Winters included this technology that creates the enormous variety of funnels to avoid the problem users have experienced with other funnel builders, which copy the same funnels to all of their clients.

The results of the two approaches are vastly different. In the typical case, there could be a thousand identical funnels used by all the buyers of the funnel software. In the Shuffler case, virtually no two are alike, cutting the competition for the products that your funnel promotes.

Besides building funnels for you, a second helpful feature is the email lists it builds for you on autopilot. Just turn on the list building feature and watch it go.

Unfortunately, Winters has put this on an aggressive “dime sale” campaign. He raises the price a small amount every hour.

So don’t wait to at least check out this new tool now. It may not be suitable for you, but if you decide it is, delaying will cost you more. See the whole story here: Shuffler.

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