By staying in touch with like-minded people, you can continue to keep yourself updated. SEO is a niche, where you need to be learning from others.

Ahrefs contributor Si Quan Ong has shared information about the four best Facebook Groups for SEOs.

He says, “Below, I’ll reveal what these groups were, and what I liked and disliked after joining them.

  1. Affiliate SEO Mastermind
  2. SEO Signals Lab
  3. The Proper SEO Group
  4. SEO Secrets by

1. Affiliate SEO Mastermind

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Members: 14,711
Owner: Matt Diggity
Type: Private
Topics: SEO, affiliate marketing
Number of votes: 126

Owned and run by Matt Diggity, a well-respected SEO in the affiliate marketing industry, Affiliate SEO Mastermind is a group dedicated to the mastery of affiliate marketing using SEO.

The group is pretty active, with tons of affiliate SEOs asking questions every day. SEOs of every hat color are welcome”.

4 Best Facebook Groups for SEOs (Most Voted For)


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