Effective keyword research enables you to discover priority terms, phrases, and questions to optimize your content for SEO.

Seer Interactive contributor Ben Ballance has shared a comprehensive article on doing keyword research for better SEO performance.

Ballance says, “Keyword research is one of the building blocks of SEO. And, really, any successful digital marketing. By uncovering and optimizing around how people search for your product or service, you are ensuring your content speaks the same language as your users.

As an added benefit, search engines are more likely to understand the contextual relevance of your page. This means you are more likely to rank for queries you want to rank for – which means you get the quality of traffic you want.

There are three primary considerations for including a keyword in your targets for a page:


Do the search results for the query match the intent of your page? Sometimes when doing keyword research, you’ll come across a query where Google shows results that you weren’t expecting”.

What is Keyword Research for SEO?

Seer Interactive

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