Lead generation is about informing people about your products and services and to drive them to take interest in it. Quality lead generation enables you to take you business to the next level.

Business 2 Community contributor Beatriz Redondo Tejedor has shared three ways to generate more leads in 2020.

Redondo says, “Generating more leads is the first step to increasing sales. If you’re looking for ways to increase the number of leads reaching your sales funnel, here are three proven strategies.

Create specific landing pages

A landing page is a dedicated page created specifically as part of a marketing campaign (for example, an email campaign or Google Ad). The ultimate goal of a landing page is to inspire people to take a concrete action: sign up for one of your events (webinars, breakfasts, workshops, etc.) or download one of your latest materials (guides, white papers, customer case studies, etc.). So landing pages are key elements for the success of your lead generation strategy”.

Lead Generation: 3 Ways To Generate Leads In 2020

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