ClickZ has published ‘The Ultimate Guide to Web Push Notifications’ to help you understand and use web push notifications.

The ClickZ team says, “Web push notifications are the new must have for marketing teams; be it e-commerce, local news, this is a bandwagon that everyone is hopping on. Web push notifications can be delivered to the user’s device (mobile or desktop) even when the user is not on the desired website.

Better user engagement on the web is one of the fundamental reasons behind the introduction of web push notifications. It is for this reason, web push notifications are used heavily by publishers, bloggers, online merchants, to deliver new updates and reminders in a timely fashion.

This e-book will help you understand questions such as:

  • Why do marketers use web push notifications?
  • How are web push notifications different from app push notifications?
  • Is the worth interrupting the user with this piece of information?
  • How crisp and simple the content of the notification needs to be?”.

The Ultimate Guide to Web Push Notifications

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