Voice and text search are similar from a technical perspective, a key phrase is entered via text input or via voice to text, and then the search is carried out.

SEMrush is hosting a webinar ‘How to be successful with voice search’ on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 featuring Brendan Walsh, Olga Andrienko and Kelsey Jones.

The SEMrush team says, “Due to the way users interact with voice, users ask questions rather than doing keyword searches, users expect answers rather than lists of results.

In order to target these results, there are a number of areas you need to consider in order to succeed.

We will have Brendan with a short presentation:

  • Regional research is essential: people ask questions differently in every region,
  • Answering the questions of your target audience is a good start to any content strategy,
  • Schema to help Google understand your content,
  • On-page content – structuring content so it is easy to extract for Featured Snippets”.

How to be successful with voice search


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