Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money online without having your own products. By effectively promoting others’ products and services, you can create an income stream.

Jeff Bullas has shared some useful ways to help you increase your affiliate marketing income.

Bullas says, “To get the most out of your affiliate marketing, you need to utilize various techniques to increase the number of clicks and boost conversions. Bonuses are one such method.

Why you should offer bonuses to boost your affiliate income

A bonus is an extra product or service offered alongside the primary purchase to encourage customers to buy. Here are some reasons you should add bonuses to your affiliate offerings:

  • Bonuses add value. A bonus that can be used alongside the base product or service is a significant selling point.
  • Bonuses make you the favorite affiliate. There are likely hundreds or thousands of similar sites that promote the same product or service as you. But if you increase your sales through bonuses, your affiliate partners might give you preferential treatment. Bonuses will also make you the customers’ favored affiliate when they are ready to buy”.

How to Double Your Affiliate Income Overnight

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