Blogging is a great way to attract an online audience and convert them into customers. Regular publishing on your blog can help you to establish an identity in your niche.

IMPACT contributor Liz Moorehead has shared a nine-step guide to help you write great blog posts.

Moorehead says, “This article is going to lay out, step-by-step, how to write a blog article, so you can say goodbye to writer’s block forever. I will also be giving you two crazy powerful content planning tools to help you do it.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? OK, let’s dive in.

1. Choose your blog content topic

In an ideal world, you’d do the following:

You’d create a documented content strategy that includes an editorial content calendar filled with The Big 5 blog topics.

(Generally, your content strategy would also include room for pillar contentvideo for sales and marketing, and so on… but for the purposes of today’s article, we’re just focusing on the blog stuff!)

But let’s say that’s not the case. Let’s say, you’re still working toward getting that content strategy pulled together. So, your first step is to choose what you’re writing about.

Since your time is valuable, you should focus first on the topics that will drive the most money:

  • Pricing and cost
  • Problems
  • Comparisons
  • Reviews”.

How to write a blog (+ free blog post template and tools)


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