With every Google search algorithm update, your website traffic sees some kind of change – be it positive or negative. According to ReadWrite’s Toms Panders, many publishers have seen a drop in their site traffic after Google’s latest core update released on May 4.

Panders has shared five ways to regain your web traffic.

He says, “Having armed with key data and metrics, I would like to share with you four major tips on how to recover from this traffic crack.

1. Get your blog featured in Google News

According to SimilarWeb.com Google News currently has over 500M monthly visits. As it is the dream of most online publishers to reach an audience this big, this is the chance to distribute your content to a readership that is already well-established.

The potential of Google News is incredible and can help you to become one of the most featured blogs in your industry.

Let’s compare Ahref’s results on how organic traffic has changed from April to June for two Setupad publishers -– Publisher A and Publisher B”.

How Can Publishers Grow Traffic After the Latest Google Update?

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