Your product or service landing page can help you to create more sales and grow your business. With proper planning and analysis, you can create landing pages that can deliver better results.

AWeber contributor Chandal Nolasco da Silva has shared 10-step process to creating landing pages that convert more customers.

Chandal says, “Many landing pages suffer because there’s just too much going on. Approach landing page design with a feeling of respect for the time of the visitor. By making a clear and digestible landing page, you can do more with content because you aren’t forced to slam a loud call-to-action button awkwardly into a crowded space.

Focus on the Primary Goals of the Campaign

Remember, everything about your landing page should be geared towards getting the user to convert. This means removing anything that might draw their attention away from your offer.

Use of White Space

White space is an important part of email landing page design, so make the most of it. Sometimes, what you leave off the page is as powerful as what you include. White space removes congestion and gives the brain space to think. It also forces the eyes to focus on your offer”.

10 Steps to Creating a Landing Page That Converts

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