Advertising on Twitter is one of the ways you can enhance your reach to the social media population on the Twitter network. By exploring different ad formats, you can make sure to get the desired ROI.

Ahrefs’ Joshua Hardwick has published a new video to help you learn rightly use the Twitter ad for content.

Hardwick says, “Higher ads CTR – who wouldn’t want that? If you think that improving CTR by 10-20% is a big deal – you’re right. In fact, you’ll learn how we managed to improve our CTR by more than 200% in this video.

It’s not magic, just pure human psychology. And yeah, there’s no real need to track the conversions – I’ll explain why.

  • Our two Twitter accounts
  • Experiment #1: Same copy
  • Experiment #2: business vs personal copy
  • The value of promoting content on Twitter
  • Content marketing vs direct response marketing
  • A side-benefit of paid content promotion
  • Twitter ads = exposure”.

Watch the video here.


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