Your content marketing efforts need to be in synchronization with what is going around in the world. By integrating the current event information in your content, you can make it more relevant and popular. COVID-19 is the  current example for doing this.

Search Engine Watch contributor Gregg Schwartz has shared some useful tips on how you can improve content marketing by using trending keywords from current events.

Schwartz says, “Approaching serious current events in content marketing can be a tricky wire to walk. In 2020 alone, businesses and marketing teams everywhere have struggled to decide how to use keywords related to the COVID-19 crisis, the Black Lives Matter movement, Brexit, increasing climate change, and even a sighting of murder hornets. To avoid embarrassment and truly rank for important trending searches in an authentic way, follow these dos and don’ts.

Do: Question your motives

A national or global news story breaks, new keywords start trending immediately, and the first thing you think is…

If the answer was “Ooo I can use this”, then you may not have the best motives for adding that current event to your content marketing”.

How to use trending keywords from current events in content marketing

Search Engine Watch

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