The quality of your content is of utmost importance when it comes to achieving higher SEO rankings. By conducting in-depth research, you can make your content more useful for your audience – which is also liked by Google.

iPULLRANK contributor Jordan Leschinsky has published an article highlighting the impact of fresh content on your Google rankings.

Leschinsky says, “Like any of Google’s ranking factors, we’re never going to be completely sure how they work. And this is intentional – Google doesn’t want you to cheat in order to rank. But according to patents filed by Google, we’re able to make some assumptions on how Google ranks freshness:

  1. Inception Date scores freshness by the date Google first indexed or discovered a link to the page.
  2. Core Content Changes looks at the importance of the content that was changed.
  3. Percentage of Change bases freshness on how much of the content was updated.
  4. Frequency of Change examines how often the content gets changed.
  5. Amount of New Content scores freshness based on how much new content gets uploaded”.

How Fresh Content Influences Google Rankings


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