As expected, Synthesys was released and has been as game-changing as was predicted. Users are loving Synthesys, and they’re quite surprised at how natural the voice-overs sound.

Just a reminder at the novel capabilities of this new software:
► Synthetic Speech Technology that is built from real human pro actors speaking hundreds of words, resulting in human-sounding messages.
► Commercial License so you can sell voice-overs to other businesses (search Fiverr to see sample voice-over prices — they charge by the word, by the way.)
► Choice of 8 professional voices (more are available as an optional add-on)
► Create Voice-Overs for yourself or to sell
► Fully Web-Based software so there’s nothing to install
► Credits included that allow you to create about an hour of voice-overs. If you run out, just refill your coffer.
► Special Bonuses that help you build a successful voice-over business(but only during launch week):
✅ Fiverr Voice-Over Success 2020
✅ Synthesys Audiobook Marketing
✅ Synthesys Podcasting Profit Secrets
✅ Podcasting Made Easy
✅ Podcast Interview Template

If you don’t plan to create voice-overs for clients, then they have a reduced-price version, with credits for fewer voice-overs, that may be perfect for you.

We bought the main commercial offer and the additional 11 additional voices to use in our own marketing.

Use the coupon code “syn2” for $2 off when you get your own voice-overs here: Synthesys.

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