Synthesys is the world’s first ever Voice-to-Text voice-over technology using actual human voices. It launches today at 10:30 AM EDT.

At that time, Mario Brown and Oliver Goodwin are holding a webinar to showcase this new software and explain how to put it to work. You don’t want to miss it: Synthesys Webinar

We have heard the future of voice-to-text technology with our own ears, and it is Synthesys. This new software produces amazingly life-like voice-overs for videos, presentations and commercials.

If you thought Siri, Alexa, and Google Home voices were good, you need to hear these new voices that are head-and-shoulders better.

You are getting 8 English-speaking people (male, female, British, American, Australian) to speak your text. Use any you choose in each recording you make. There is an optional upgrade that gives you 11 more voices to choose from.

Synthesys offers you complete control over your voice-overs. Depending on what your message is one voice may be a better choice than the other 7. So you can choose the speaker depending on what you are doing:
► Need an excited voice? Consider Beatrice or Dan.
► Need a voice for a hard-sell commercial? Try Dan or Renee.
► Producing an e-book? Give Mary or Alicia a try. Or John, if you are looking for a man.

There are two versions available, one that lets you make videos for yourself only and a second (for only $20 more) that lets you make videos for customers.

The advantages of this super realistic voice-over tool are obvious. It holds people’s attention better than robotic voices. That can lead to:
• More opt-ins when you use a video on your squeeze page
• More sales when you use the video on your sales page
• Gig-economy opportunities when you advertise your services on Freelance sites

Even if you only use your videos on your own site, this software will save you a lot of time. And with it, you won’t need to hire expensive voice-over actors, saving you money, as well.

The price will be rising at 5 PM EDT and again at midnight, so get in early.

When you get this software, you will also get training to help you use it (but only during launch week):
✅ Fiverr Voice-Over Success 2020
✅ Synthesys Audiobook Marketing
✅ Synthesys Podcasting Profit Secrets
✅ Podcasting Made Easy
✅ Podcast Interview Template

You have heard how important video is for successful online marketing. Now you have a chance to create your own professionally narrated videos at a cost that cannot be beat. Check it out here: Synthesys.

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